Monday, February 25, 2013

The Big What If..

The big what if that hangs over any wife.  What if he didn't come home today?  What if God calls him home today?  No more morning wake-up kisses.  No more hugs.  No more phone calls.  No more special emails.  No more, no more. 

This post was spurred by The Time Warped Wife post.  She had a guest post from Nicole.  Nicole did go through just that.  The post was an attitude adjustment for me.  I love my husband.  I don't usually grumble in my heart about him (and never would I to other people).  Yet, I am a flawed sinner.  I have hormones.  Some times I do grumble.  Sometimes I do "FEEEEELLLL" offended.  Sometimes I do wish he would just read my mind and know just what I want him to do....LOL.

As a Christ follower, I am taught to do more than what is asked - if you are asked to walk a mile - walk two.  Matthew 5:41.  This means I am to do more than expected and WITH a good attitude.  I am to give, to love.  And why is it sometimes so hard to give that love to the one you love the most?

Then I followed the little link over to Nicole's blog.  That post is a must read as well.  What a blessing she is.  God has gifted her with the right thinking in the aftermath of her husband departure.  I just love how she put to words that those God calls home can not possible see us if they are to have no more tears.  And the thankfulness in her heart that he can't see what is going on.  She is an inspiration.  Her thankfulness is a real life example of a humble heart that trusts God. 

Yes, Nicole's words came from God to me.  It has changed me.  Thank you amazing Father!

As a side note, I do not dwell on this or any what if - for it is worry, which is a sin.  When this or any what if jumps into my head, I give it to God and declare I trust Him and know His provision will see me through everything. 

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