Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Compromise Question

How do I compromise in my example for my daughter?  It’s good to always listen for the Holy Spirit conviction on compromises you may make.  This question was posed to me by the Holy Spirit.

Do I compromise on money?  On my time with God?  What is she seeing?
For now my patience was revealed to me.  I lose patience with my girl.  I’m usually convicted and I ask her to forgive me.  The added bonus is the example of seeking forgiveness when I am in the wrong and that Mama isn’t perfect.

Yet, there is another area where I show impatience: driving.  This occurred to me when I was repeatedly behind someone going ten plus miles under the speed limit.  I just wanted to get to where I was going and then get home.  There it is again, my selfish pride saying I deserve to get moving. 

God has cleaned me up in this area.  I no longer spew curse words like I did in my younger years.  I’d look forward to making no comment unless it is needed for safety reasons, about other people’s driving.  Every time words come out of my mouth, I listen to the conviction that quickly comes, repent and seek God’s grace to move past the sin.

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