Monday, February 18, 2013

Pride goes before Destruction

There I was.  I had made my plans, frustrated that things weren’t going as I planned.  I was ill.  I wasn’t sleeping well.  It was easier to go to the convenient food than the planned food.  I was tired, so I skipped the exercise.  A reasonable mind would have accepted an alternate way because of the physical issues.  Issues that would resolve once the cough didn’t wake me up at night.  However, a reasonable mind was gone.  I was condemning myself.  I asked God to help me, yet I wasn’t displaying much self-control.

I worked myself up.  I prepared to have a long prayer once my girl was in school and beg God to bless this plan of mine.  To help me have the self-control.

That’s when I was redirected.  What had I asked for and not made a priority?  What was I placing at the bottom of my list (to easily I might add)?

Succumb into submission, I asked for forgiveness from God.  Here I was spending all my time dwelling on what I was doing and no time to what I wasn’t doing.

I wasn’t doing my Bible study.  I elected to start another study, so I had two I hadn’t touched for two days. 

Here I was frustrated over my food and sleep, but not over my lack of time in the Word.  Yes, I needed repentance.  I opened the book and got busy.  Oh, my Father taught me much over the next few days.

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