Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who I am...

In knowing striving to submerse myself in God, I found I didn't know who I am.  Who am I in Him?  

In Ephesians chapter 1,  I learned I am:

Chosen - God chose me before the creation of the world
Holy - I am sanctified through Christ as holy
Blameless - The same for blameless.  Christ bore it all.
Loved - God gives me, chooses me, because He loves me.
Predestined - God chose me before I knew Him.
Adopted - Accepted me into His family and helps me become like Him.
Pleasure of God - it was His pleasure to adopt me.
Part of God's will - He planned for me to come to Him.
Redeemed - Christ traded His life to buy mine.
Full of Grace through Jesus - Grace that Jesus secured on the cross for me.
Forgiven - Jesus bore my sins so that I am free of guilt and free to live in Him.
Wise - God lavished His wisdom on me, making His will known.
Understanding - God lavished His understanding on me.
Knowledgeable to God's will  - That I know what He purposed, what He will bring to fulfillment bringing all under one head.
The body of Christ - I am part of Christ, as all saints are.
His praise and glory - In my life, reflecting His glory, sing His praises, loving His children, I live.
Christ inheritance - I have inheritance in Christ and I am His inheritance.
Hopeful to His power - God's great power that raised Christ is in me, I have hope in that power.
Under Christ - I, as part of Christ body is under Him.
In Christ - I am in Christ and He is in me.
Blessed - I, as God's adopted child, have His spiritual blessings that are present in my spirit in the heavenly realms, even now.
Sealed - I have the Holy Spirit living in me, giving me grace, wisdom, discernment, revelation.  This seal protects me from tampering, keeps me fresh (not stale), marked with a promise.

Wow, a lot in just twenty three verses.  How much more can I find in the rest of the book?  I want to replace the lies that float in my head and start to see myself as God does.  It is only when I see as He does can I have His perspective on the world around, when I know Him.

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