Friday, March 16, 2012

Savings Tips

Things I use to save money.  It take time.  Just consider it extra pay to yourself for each dollar you save.

Sunday Coupon Preview blog.  I follow this blog.  I look at the coupons for the up coming week to see if it's worth getting a weekend paper.  My only flaw in this plan is sometimes I forget to get the paper on weekends when the coupons are good.  It does save me on those weekend where there is no coupons.

I file my coupons by month.  Then review each week with sales ads when item goes on sale or I need the product.  I also go to various coupon sites to print coupons from my computer.  

Price sheet.  
I keep a price sheet on items that go on sale frequently and are usually a bigger savings.  It's good to know what you're spending.  I update every few months in the store, which is writing down the price as I shop.  Also, I update after shopping trips.  I enter the price from my receipt.  It's really helpful when I look at sales ads.  I often list things by price per piece, like toilet paper and bar soap.  And remember that if you do have a sales ad with a lower price, Wal-mart will match it.

I list the stores that I'm most likely to shop at and are on my way during my normal week.  I don't like Meijer, since they don't include all their sales in their ad, although one is really close to me.  And for non-grocery items (besides pet food), I pay several dollars more for most items.  If their sales ad was more inclusive, it'd be a different story.  I may be missing out on deals, oh well.  I want to know the deals when I leave my house to shop, not wait and see what each store has to offer.  That leads in to...

Sales ads.  
On weeks I don't get a paper, I go to Shop Local. com.  This site has most the ads for my area.  I still might have to go to the actual store site sometimes.  This site save a lot of time.  Only drawback it it isn't in print and if there were coupons in the ad (like Walgreens), then I'm out of luck.  It's great to use as a comparison on my price sheet.  Then I know whether it is a good price or if I just think it is.  

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