Monday, April 29, 2013

Being quick

Fools find no pleasure in understanding    but delight in airing their own opinions. Proverbs 18:2

 I’ve come to see I’m quick to point out faults. 

Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others]. 1 Peter 4:8

This is an ugly side of me.  (Faults of others are not the only thing I speak of, but it is there and rears it’s ugly head from time to time.)  If it needs to be known, God will make it known.  It doesn’t have to be me who lays it right out there in front of others, unless God calls me to do it.  I learned to do this with my husband. 

These are small insignificant things.  I did it gently, but I can’t help to think my pride was right there in the middle.  I didn’t take time to think.  I just spoke.  I could see the weight added to my friend’s shoulders.  

This isn't to be confused with sin.  It is commanded that we gently work to restore anyone out of fellowship with God.  The key is that God convicts me to do it.  As I mentioned above, my pride was right there, indicating it was for my glory that I spoke, not God, and definitely not to build up my friend.

Life Principle: In love, I do not point out the faults of others.

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