Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teach Me Luke 2

I have participated in the Luke study put on by Good Morning Girls.  I decided to go ahead a use some of the lessons here.  

Read Luke 2:1-7, SOAP 2:7
A friend asked when Mary and Joseph were married.  In my research I found the following information:
From the best of my knowledge, in Jewish custom, once you were betroth, they were considered married, only divorce could separate them. This is when the modern day marriage license would have been signed. Wouldn't that change engagements today? Also, until the marriage was consummated, the couple would be betroth. In looking at the nuances of the words, in Matthew 1, Joseph took Mary home to be his wife however, did not have union with her until she gave birth. We see in Luke 2 (today's reading) that Joseph and Mary were still pledged to be married in Bethlehem. So it happened some time after this. My guess is after the ceremonially cleaning process for childbirth, see Leviticus 12. Let me know if you have any other questions. I enjoyed digging into this for you. It helps me get it straight in my head as well.
My application question were: Do I make room for Jesus in all parts of my life? Jesus is my example of being humble. I struggle with holding onto the comforts of life, however Jesus gave up the wonder and comfort above all comfort of Heaven to come to earth, as a mere child of a poor family. And they didn't arrange some luxurious entrance into the world, but in a animal barn with a manger as a crib. Yeah, I'm not sure my mind can fully take that in. Humble, yes, humble.

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