Friday, April 12, 2013

What Are You Thinking?

What do you spend your time thinking about?  Take a day and survey your thoughts. 

Are you looking for something funny or witty to put on Twitter?
Thinking about what will happen next on your favorite show?
Wonder who will be voted off the next time?
The busy schedule that overwhelms you?
The mistakes you made in your past?
What will you do if _________ happens?
What you could create next that will be the next Pinterest sensation?
All the things you've pinned on Pinterest that you must make time to create?
What the latest style trends are and what will you purchase?
How will the novel you're reading turn out?
What/where will you eat next? 
How well your sports team did and what do they need to do better?
What to do on that big project at work?
How will you solve that problem? 

This is just a short list of possibilities.  I know I didn't even touch the surface of things that go through a mind.  The question was posed to me:  When you wake up in the middle of the night, what do you think about?  Where does your mind go?  That remark on Facebook?  The big game?  The pretty thing that sits down the aisle from you?  That problem?  The fear? 

Your God?

My thoughts are the gauge of my heart.  Especially those that enter in when you wake up.  This past week I began to read a novel.  As usual, I became obsessed until I had it finished.  My thoughts went to it.  It became my life.  So, I can see that I allow novels to become an idol while I'm reading.  Can I read a novel with the proper perspective?  I just don't know.  With God's help, I'll delve into it.  For I know reading to the point of obsessing is a sin.  I didn't spend much time with God because I wanted to read, let alone all the other things I didn't do.  As much as I love to read a good story, if I don't allow God to change me and hold tightly to how things are now, I will have to give up reading them.  It isn't good for me. 

Life Principle:  Allow my thoughts to convict me of the idols in my heart.

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