Friday, April 26, 2013

Teach Me Luke - 10

I have participated in the Luke study put on by Good Morning Girls.  I decided to go ahead a use some of the lessons here.

Read 5:1-11, SOAP 5:6, 11
Determination and His timing are in this passage. Are you determined to try one more time? Do it the way God is prompting? Peter and his partners fished all night and caught nothing. They cleaned their nets while Jesus used their boats to minister to the people on shore. Tired, wore out, done fishing for the day, Peter was ready to go home. He had fished most of his life. He knew how to fish. This night just didn't produce anything when he did everything he knew about fishing.

Jesus then gives him specific directions to catch fish. It went against everything Peter knew about fishing. In the deep? During the day? No, that isn't how you fish. What if Peter said no? What if he allowed his pride to say 'I know better, I did it how it's suppose to be done with no avail.' He would have missed out on the abundant blessing of fish. Missed out on a chance to spend the rest of his life following Jesus.  

I will listen for when God says go - this time it's in my timing, abundant blessings are waiting for you. Only time with Him will allow me to recognize His voice, His prompting.

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