Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be Done With It

In my study, I've had a fantastic lesson on Idols of the Heart.  Everyone has idols, so my ears always perk up when this is the topic. 

One point that stuck out to me is just be done with it.  The example was if you had a rabid animal, you wouldn't just tie it up in your yard.  It's not safe for your family, other animals, itself.  The animal must be destroyed.   Idols are not harmless little fury friends.  Idols need to be destroyed.

What spoke to me, was my poor eating choices.  I was allowing the idol to grow yet again.  More and more sweets entered my mouth.  I even ate candy - something I gave up a long time ago.  And in all, it just wasn't that good.  My tastes had moved on to other good things. 

When food is your idol, it can be very difficult, since I need it to survive.  I can't just give it up.  So I need the right attitude and the self-control in dealing with my food.  I must never allow my attitude to be obsessed with food.  I must have self-control to not overeat.

With the issues with my legs (left knee, right hip pain), eating is all the more import.  I'm not moving as much, so burning less off.  The pain in my hip got to a point this week that I'm going to take as long as needed for it to pass and I can return to exercise.  I know one day I will overcome these issue - for God has revealed His plan to me.  In the meantime, I need to eat less to allow for the lack of movement. 

In doing that, I desire to be done with the idol of food.  To just eat enough.  My Lord and Savior will help me.  He resisted temptation.  He will give me strength.

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