Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Demise or Opportunity

My heart is wrenched near daily - or at least when I watch the news - at what is going on in this world.  From natural disasters of floods, fire, tornadoes and hurricanes to man made disasters of bombs, explosions and war.  It's wondering how much should I fear the monsters of this world.  It's wondering if my niece keeps walking the path she's on, she at risk to be kidnapped into the sex trade or her life will just be over on this world.

When will the demise of this world stop?  Where can we go to get away from it all?  It seems the human race is bend on destroying all that is good, corrupting the innocent, violating each other in the deepest ways possible.

As my heart broke at the last incident, I couldn't help but wonder...Is this an opportunity?  An opportunity for God to move.  An opportunity for a revival to grasp the hearts and melt them.  An opportunity for God's people to stand up and become the tools of salvation for the God they love.

Opportunity brings hope.  It says tomorrow will be better, for we do our best today.  I am prone to doubt, yet if I see everything, every situation as an opportunity for God to move BIG, to show His mighty power, I can look past all the mess and right at the work God is doing.  I can see Jesus in the hearts of others.  I can allow the Holy Spirit to do His work and get out of the way!

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