Thursday, May 9, 2013

Journey to Jesus Part 2

I then had an opportunity to go to Anne Graham Lotz's Just Give Me Jesus conference the same day as the  study (mentioned Part 1) - God ordained!  I knew most of the material she would cover already because of my past leadership positions.  However, I had a friend who needed to hear and learn.  Of course I was looking  nuggets of gold for my walk.  I wasn't left out.  The first night she walked us through the last days of our Lord Jesus on the earth.  With Easter not long ago, it was all still fresh in my heart and her story made it come to life.

I loved how she talked about Mary clinging to Jesus after she realized it was He outside the tomb.  Perhaps digging her nails in, trying to keep Him close.

So I had these visions of one Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and another Mary clinging to Him.  When the conference was over, I felt the most convicted during the prayer time.  I didn't do all the things the speaker suggested when I prayed.  I was certain that the missing piece was prayer.  I had been circling that for months.  I asked God to reveal to me how I could improve my prayer time.  I decided to set my phone alarm to go off at 1 p.m. each day I was available so I could stop and prayer.  It was my first step toward improving my prayer time.

That went well for the most part - forming a new habit isn't always easy.  I made strides.  Yet it seemed something was still off.  Then in a week or so I went to a Mandisa concert (birthday gift).   I can't remember specifically what was said.  What I did know was it wasn't prayer that was missing, for I prayed all the time.  I prayed waking up and through out the day.  I have more of a rolling dialog with God.  I didn't need a formal time to improve my prayer life.

So if not prayer, what?  Praise time.  Time, just as the Marys above, to be in the presence of the Holy One and thank Him for all the abundance in my life.  To turn off the TV, the radio (unless I want to sing), turn away from the computer and just praise my Great and Awesome God.  It a time for just me and Him.  Not really for prayer requests.  Not really for Bible study, although both can be part of it.  It is to unplug from the world and plug in to Him 

Life Principle: In the quietness of my heart - learn to love Him on a whole new level, to reset my focus from distractions to His majesty.

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