Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Proverbs 18:2

A [self-confident] fool has no delight in understanding but only in revealing his personal opinions and himself.  Proverbs 18:2

Oh how foolish I've been in the past.  My pride always wants to give my opinion.  I share how right I am.  Perhaps even stick my nose somewhere it doesn't belong because I consider my thoughts superior.  My ways better. 

From this verse I will only have delight in understanding.  That means to stop looking for ways to improve.  Stop the critical eye.  Examine to understand.  Close my mouth so I can hear and understand. 

One of the places I saw the need the most in within me.  I used to be very critical.  Not as much anymore as the Holy Spirit has worked mightily in this area.  I was trying to do the Holy Spirit's work when I decided what needed changed.  How foolish is that?!!

Now I wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal what I need to understand.  Either within me or with out.  I seek to understand more through study of the Word.  He opens my heart up to all He is doing within and with out me so I can have His understanding and delight in it. 

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