Friday, May 17, 2013

He is My Portion

...your heavenly Father knows that you need them.  Matthew 6:32b

To start with here's a small seed in my heart for a desire to work overseas in missions. We are having some work done on our house. It has led me to review my attachment to this house - how much money we've invested to make it our home.  How much the market value is.

How would it work out to be on a long term mission? Of course I shelved that question for when God calls us. I couldn't deny my attachment to my home and how difficult selling this place would be emotionally. This is the 2nd time God has worked this in my heart this year. 

I can see I am like the Pharisees, who valued things/position over people, if I allow my attachment to my home to get in the way of reaching the lost. For reaching the lost causes rejoicing in Heaven. 

That was the first revelation.  Then the next day He asked through a lecture: Do you allow God to direct where you live?  What?  To allow God to direct my home, be it in Indiana or New Guinea? 

He showed me the ugly greed in my heart.  I was concerned about the money, the investment, the upkeep.  Would we get the money back?  Oh, how ugly greed is.  It's been there for a while, I just didn't recognize it.

I have repented. I have submitted. Lord, You gave it to me. I will follow Your leading on all I have - either for me to keep or to give away.  For what we put into this home is for us to enjoy now and perhaps when it is Your timing - will bless others.  Amen.

As a final thought, how easy it is to gloss over greed when I considering a minor thing like a flag.  Oh, how my heart changes when we speak of thousands of dollars.  I am so thankful this was revealed to me, as an answered prayer for God to reveal any corruption in my heart.  It is truly a blessing to let go of all things and be content with the portion God is.  Content, not attached.

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