Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why Measure?

As you may remember in this post, I discussed when I put my focus on my shape, not my health.  I changed up my workout because of pain in my hip and it occurred to me about that post and the outcome had I measured my body.

I would not have listened to my body when the pain came, because results are more important.  I would have placed guilt on myself when I would have to rest because the pain was so great.  I wouldn't have seen this as a minor setback and a new opportunity to learn more about the recovery road I'm on.  My head would still be messed up.  My focus wrong.

I still want to be further along in results before posting what I'm doing.  I am making progress.  I'm learning what the new normal is.  I'm happy to report that I can now kneel for short periods without stabbing pain in my knee. 

I'm happy to be focused on what God can do.  How He will teach me.  What He has for me.  How great my healing story will be once it is complete.  I praise Him now and will praise Him always. 

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