Monday, July 2, 2012

The World through God's Lenses

I've enjoyed opportunities to observe people and think of why they do what they do (compassion).  I have thought over several post analyzing what I saw.  I couldn't bring myself to posting since it either felt like I was judging or gossiping.

In talking it over with God, He showed me that had I not been so close to Him, I would have been oblivious of the message He wanted me to observe.

When it comes down to it, it isn't about what these people did or didn't do, but in what God wants to make me aware of that could tempt me.  He wants me to seek application from Holy Spirit revelation in every situation.  When I make God the center of my life, every moment is an opportunity for application. 

I am thankful for His perspective.  Since it helps me observe with compassion, therefore pray with compassion.  I can see the real need, not what they are wanting.  And in doing so, I may be blessed with the opportunity to speak God's wisdom to them.  

Some questions I've asked myself and will ask as I continue to mature in Christ:

Do I demand or do I encourage?
Do I seek control or do I teach?
In parenting - do I get in the way of K being dependent of God?
Do I seek fulfillment in the world when the only thing that can truly satisfy is spending real time with God? 
Do I seek my own way to the point that I am inflexible to the needs of others?

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