Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh the pain

I've posted before on my tendency to take over.  God's way is great, but my way will be could I have ever thought that?  Sad, but true, I have.  Oh, how I've suffered for it.

Several years ago I decided to ignore the hamstring pain and keep the stretch, going deeper.  I spent several months on the couch while healing.

Spring 2011 I enjoyed jogging 2x a week and seeing nice results and ability to jog longer distances (just over a mile).  But I decided I could get fit faster, go longer and added in 1 to 2 x additional jogging.  Only to have my hip hurt tremendously through my vacation.

Summer 2011 I focused on biking, yoga and doing all the yard work.  I didn't push myself to hard though.  My back went out in the middle.  I finally went to a PT spent two months learning how to keep my muscles in line.

The PT stretching routine became my sole source of exercise over the past school year.  When we went on our vacation at the beginning of June, the hiking up the side of mountains did me in.  My hip flamed up again.  

I prayed for direction on my hip pain.  Did I need to go to the PT again?  What exercise did I need to do?  What physical service could I endure for my Lord if my hip flamed up?  However, God answered the prayer about my back pain, I trust Him for the hip pain a well.

It happened He lead us to go to a store that sells wholesale clear outs (not sure what you call it for new stuff that was clearanced out by other companies and bought by this company).  For a third of the price at a sports store, I found a foam roller.  I learned back with my hamstring was pulled that a foam roller could be used.  However, I couldn't find an affordable one and didn't want to spend money that I didn't know if it would be well spent (relying on my own reasoning).  

I snagged the roller.  At home I did my own rolling, which of course wasn't how I was suppose to do it.  In quick research lead me to  In the first video I watched, Jai mentioned that if anything causes a lot of pain means I could have tightness, scar tissue and issues with the muscles.  

This lead me to learn about the Iliotibial Band and IT Band Syndrome.  This is precisely what is causing my hip pain.  Most times this syndrome causes pain called runner's knee, which I suffer minorly from.  However my pain is the hip pain over the greater trochanter.  I also develop Trochanteric Bursitis from overuse.

OK, have I made you go to sleep with this information?  Well I have endured more pain with this foam roller.  I know I'm making progress.  I know I will, after months, maybe years of rehab, regain an active lifestyle with endurance to do it.  The roller is God's blessing to answer my question for my hip pain.  With this syndrome, there is no hurrying the process.  I'm willing to endure, to suffer the pain with the hope that it will soon be healed enough to start jogging again.  God is good!

Video is also helpful.

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