Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh My Housewife

On our road trip, we took a small detour to Charlottesville, VA to visit Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson.  He is one of Ks favorite.  She filled in much information about Sally and how he promised his wife he would never remarry.  (And last to touch on this subject, she didn't know the details about Sally, just that she was his house slave, believed to be the daughter of his father-in-law).

Enough of that history.  In the upstairs of the museum, they had on display different items the Thomas Jefferson household would use.  I was looking at some silver spoons when a lady next to me exclaimed she had never seen that definition to housewife before and insisted her husband come read.  

This grabbed my interest was well.  When they moved on, I slid over to take a look.  It was a handy dandy little sewing kit.  Made mostly of scrape silk and lace.  Below is a picture I got off the internet, not what I saw at the museum.  You can get more information on making a housewife here.

I recently took up the task of finishing all the Jane Austen books.  I have read my favorite Persuasion many times.  I set out on Emma.  That leaves me two books to complete my reading.  

After the little mishap with Elton and the arrival of Jane Fairfax, Emma visits the Mrs. and Miss Bates.  

  • "Thank you.  You are so kind!" replied the happily deceived aunt while eagerly hunting for the letter.  "Oh, here it is, I was sure it could not be far off;  but I had put my housewife upon it, you without being aware,"

It was fun to know what she referred to.  When I read Jane Austen, I often have the dictionary close by for all the words I haven't seen in literature before.  When I'm finish with her complete works, I look forward to reading some fiction based on her books.

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