Thursday, July 12, 2012

Give me a J

This was the start of one of our camp songs.  I thought I had something to automatically post while I was away, but didn't.  I need a spend some time writing or this blog will dry up soon.

We had a blast at church camp.  There was a lot of things that happened this year to try and throw off our schedule.  Our fearless leader kept changing and plugging along to get the lessons in.  Our host were great, food was yummy (according to my girl).  We hiked, swam, sung, ate, climbed rock wall and went on walks.  I was able to sleep too, which is a big improvement.  And praising to God for being able to serve His children in this way and even had a gal in my group ask Jesus into her heart!

I would post a picture too, but I'll take the lazy approach today.

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