Monday, July 23, 2012

Health update

I'll interrupt my regular posts for a quick health update. 

Bad news:  My IT band continues to hurt and has asked it's friends surrounding it on both sides to join in.  I don't remember the names of these small muscles, but I know they are there.  I trudge on with stretching, using the foam roller and ice as needed.  I know this is progress.  

Good news:  I was successful to the fast God called me to.  I didn't eat meat for about a week.  What I fasted for was answered, praise God.  However, I'm not eating meat like I did before.  It isn't appetizing anymore.  The real test was cooking bacon for my family.  I persevered and did not eat any. 

On that note, I'm a pound down and I'm good with that.  I tried some new strength training exercises (see bad news as to some of the results).  I felt those moves for a couple days.  I like them and will continue doing them, just being gentle with this body of mine.  

I have a busy week, as my MIL is visiting this weekend.  Our guest room is Kabingo's (the cat) room in general.  I have lots of hair fluffs to vacuum up.  Which also reminds me he needs another hair cut.

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