Friday, June 29, 2012

Patience revisited

Patience.  Oh my.  Of course just when I think I'm patient, I'm tested.  I'm distracted as well.  My church is encouraging us to go over dreams - God given dreams.  

O course that lights me to start things.  However, God has laid out my next path.  That is why he is quiet on my current request for direction.  I mean - how many times does He need to tell me before I stop asking the same question?  (And that reminds me of my daughter, LOL.)

He reminded me of my path and how He wants me to be faithful to it.  It won't be overnight - so He made the following stories come to mind:

Abraham waited 20 years before Isaac was born. Genesis 21:5
Paul waited two years before he went to Rome. Act 24:27
Jacob waited 20 hears before he returned home. Genesis 30-35
Jesus trained for 30 years before beginning His ministry. Luke 3:23

The Bible is full of stories of how waiting on God or circumstances or training happens to move on to something else.

I am going through a time of continued faithfulness.  I must prove my faithfulness to myself that I can be faithful to God's calling.  This will be a time to draw on in the future, when I need encouragement.  In being faithful, I need patience to see it through and follow God's way of doing things, not try to do His will my way (legitimate things illegitimate ways).

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