Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I suffer from an exaggerated sense of responsibility.  I admit it.  And if I'm not careful, it will consume me.  

Things I've been known to do:
I correct children when their parents are present.
I don't ask for help because the other person will not follow through.
I take on the problems other people have and try to solve them.
I get depressed when I can't save myself or others from the heartaches of this life.

It's a waste of time.  

God has called me to do what He has called me and not to do anymore.  Allow others to have their responsibility.  Life is hard enough to do what's before me.  To take on what others are suppose to bare is to much.

What I'm not responsible for:
How others respond to me when I'm doing right.
What others say they will do and don't.
Trying to please everyone and still not doing that.

Generosity is an example.  I often worry about what will happen if I give something.  Will it be used wisely?  Will they value the sacrifice I made?  Then I ask those questions of myself in terms of the gift Jesus gave.  Do I use His gift wisely?  No, not all the time.  Do I value His sacrifice?  No always.  God calls me to give, not see that the gift is valued or used wisely.  It doesn't matter that the homeless man will sell the waterproof flashlight I give, I'm called to give.

So from time to time I take a look at my responsibilities.  I question if I'm giving what if truly mine enough attention.  Or am I giving more time to responsibilities that aren't mine?  I call these my reality check day. 

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