Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's in the Driver's Seat

When I try to drive from the passenger seat, I am left anxious, skittish, afraid to look where I am going.  I'm paranoid of other drivers.

On our road trip, for that matter, whenever our family goes anywhere, D usually drives.  He prefers it over just sitting in the car.  On our recent trip, I could make minor adjustments - like turn the wipers on faster (this drives me crazy), turn on the defrost (I think he wants to drive blindly), I can point out hazards.  I can allow myself to get anxious, uptight and jumpy. Basically do all I can to control the situation despite the fact that I don't have control.

I don't even enjoy the ride.  I miss the scenery.  I'm focused on the wrong things.  I'm trying to go my own way with him in control.  I'm allowing him to take me along, but I'm not going willingly.

Do I trust him?  When I remind myself of our past.  I do not trust other drivers and I'm applying my past on him.  I've never been in a serious accident with him.  He can drive like there isn't an inch of ice on the road when there is.  No matter how stressful the traffic is, he is calm even a little daring.

And the important question: Do I do this to God?  Do I try to make little adjustments to make the journey better?  Do I follow along, resisting the path He has chosen?  Do I focus on the wrong things and miss the important things along the way?  Do I forget His past faithfulness?  

God, I give you the driver's seat.  Take me where You will.

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