Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Comment 6-1-2010

Another random comment that the Holy Spirit breezed in and wouldn't let go.  Recently, when sharing how I gave up sweets to a family member (who isn't saved*), her reply was, "Life's to short to do that."

Oh, that rattled my brain for several days.  Life's to short?  Yes, if you do not believe in eternity, life IS to short.  That's what that comments indicates.  That's what the world wants me to believe.  Life is to short to be healthy - enjoy all food - even if you don't feel well eating them.  Life to short - indulge, indulge, indulge.

I lived a good part of my twenties that way.  I indulged and it left me miserable.  Life is not to short.  I live in eternity.  I have a bit of time that I will spend in this fleshly body.  I don't want to separate eternity into earth and heaven.  I live as if it is one.  I live following God, submitting to His will for my life.  Becoming fully who I am in Him, which is becoming Him, in me.  My eternity is now.  I can't live as if what I do today does not matter because I'm in this fleshly body.  It does matter.  My life is not short, my life is eternal.  My life worth living fully.  

*And I do what I can to influence my family to eternal light.  I find as an example of Jesus and his family as well as Paul and sharing the gospel in Jerusalem for peace in my relationship with my family.  It is difficult for them to see me as a light, for they know my past and they are hardened and entrenched into their life.  

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