Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Happenings

We recently went on vacation.  So thankful for scheduled posting on this blog.  I'll share some of our adventures as soon as I get an opportunity to write.  That is difficult with my girl home.  I did have my pen and paper in the car and wrote a few blogs, which will be coming to you soon over the next month.

Somehow, I have bruised my foot.  It is incredible painful to step down.  I know this is a symptom of other foot issues, but it is a bruise.  So I'm hobbling along in super comfy shoes.

I'm trying to determine the right amount of daily review for my girl over the summer.  Subtraction isn't so easy for her and next year she'll need to know it much better than she does.  Balance...

I normally donate things when I decide to clear house.  However, a friend is having a yard sale.  I don't live in high traffic area and would have to put out a lot of signs to lead traffic to my home.  K wants to do a lemonade stand, so she and her best bud will hold a lemonade stand when the mamas do a yard sale.  Its amazing how much stuff you can find just going through the house.  I've ignored my garage for years, so I'm ready for it all to be gone.  We're looking forward to making money.  Our initial goal is enough to buy a Kindle Fire.

On today's agenda is baking my famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which I may share with you soon, for our Life group tonight.  We're reviewing a book at our church, which we're also discussing at Life group.  I'm not ready mention the book, since I struggle with how topics are presented in the book.  I'm hoping our summer Life group will help me understand a little more.

Speaking a Life group, this is our fourth year doing a summer session.  The core group has remained the same for the past couple years.  We meet at parks all over the area, have one sitter for the children while they play and we meet (most kids are now above 3).  Every other week we have a cookout.  We bring enough main dish for our family and a side dish or dessert to share.   Praise the Lord, in the four years we've done this, Wednesday evening have had the best weather all summer long!  

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