Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to Write

I love writing, Ha that's a surprise.  However, I am prone to have my best composing happen when I'm no where near paper or a computer.  Often I'm laying in bed or have my hands in dish water or stirring a pot. 

Finding time to write can be difficult at these times with my family home or when I should be sleeping.   Yet, I can't trust I'll remember the next time, because I don't!  By the next day I can only  remember half and then it doesn't make sense when I write it down.

How to capture the thoughts?

Well, I'm techno behind, as previously stated.  I don't text...egads right?  We decided it just not part of our life.  We converse with people rarely enough, with texting, we may never have a voice conversation with a real person again.

Yet, I got a fancy non-smart phone so I would have a tool in relative closeness to type in those wisps of brilliance (perhaps to flattering) that flutter around in my brain.  I can save a note in my phone.  Then I just need to take the time to write before I accidentally delete all my saved notes.  Not saying it happens (it does), just saying I need to get writing and not put it off.

Some nights, I'll get out of bed to write, it is the best time.  Sometimes I'll toss it up to God the help me remember.  It is for Him I write and if it really is that good, I'll remember, eventually.

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