Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year Goals

I planned to make this post before the new year started.  Life has a way of changing that.  My girl returned to school today and Dale and I are full swing in regular routine (Ok, his started yesterday).

Things have changed since I made the below list.  I thought of deleting them, however they are all valid and part of the my plan for this year.  Yet, if they don't happen, I'm OK with that.

We'll start with the knee pain that started just before Thanksgiving.  I went to the doctor, the pain only increased, so I agreed to a MRI.  I basically have no cartilage on my knee cap.  They gave me the diagnoses that has 15 letters in just the first word.

Well, nothing says Happy New year than to find out your knees permanently shot.  Of course this all sent me to my knees (figuratively because it hurts!)  What was God's plan in this?  Didn't He give me the desire to go on a missions trip?  How could I do these things with a hip that hurt (right side) and a bad knee (left side).  It was touch and go for me emotionally.  I resisted giving into feelings of despair. 

Really, I have so much to be thankful for, I just couldn't allow myself to go there.  God knew this was happening in my knee (some bizarre issue that mainly plagues women and basically been happening since I was a child).  He knows and I can trust Him.

It brought me to the point of submission.  I was holding on to the plans God revealed to me, yet I was holding on to how I thought they should be carried out.  He revealed that I was placing to much value in many "things" that have no lasting value and not enough in Him.  I came to a point to yet again to say 'I want your way!'  I'm looking forward to the journey to draw closer to God, to maximize my health (and figuring out what that means), to come closer to completing the counseling training. 

  1. Organize my home!  I started the process a while ago.  It's been an ongoing thing.  I made great strides last year tackling the garage, so I would love to continue.  Craft projects on hold, I want organized!
  2. Regain my health.  I'll share over the next few weeks other health issues I'm having as I learn more.  My goal is to be healthier, stronger than I am today.
  3. Complete the Level 2-5 of counseling training.  It will take all year.  Looking forward to learning more.
  4. Grow a garden with Kat.  I have hopes that we'll get rain next summer and can grow fresh vegetables.  Nothing like cucumbers from the garden.  We've devoted a good section of the yard for a garden by removing some plant.  If not, I will go to the farmer's market more to get those veggies others were successful in growing.

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