Friday, January 11, 2013

3 Things

I recently started following Time Warp Wife.  I began reading the six steps for a beautiful marriage.  Step 1:  3 areas I want to be made beautiful.  3 areas to begin to pray and work with God over the next week to see what I can do to improve my relationship with Dale.

Our marriage is good.  Relationships take dedication and attention or they'll fall apart.  I am led to pay more attention to my part in our relationship and I have found several blogs that will help me.

1.  Domestic support.  I've made this part of my goals for this year.  I will work towards putting out all the hotspots, let go a clutter the is chocking us.  I know Dale doesn't mind a certain level of clutter, but he also likes to come home to an order home.

2.  Attitude.  I've developed a I must control everything and have my way (you'll see in post over the next month.  I need to lighten up and go with the flow - which is the attitude Dale has most of the time.  The day that I let go and went with it turned out to be a very enjoyable day.  I pushed my agenda aside and had a great time.  Now I need to keep it up, fortunately I have a Holy Spirit directing and convicting me.

3.  Be available.  This is somewhat tied to the above attitude.  Be available to listen and hear what's going on in his life - his work, his study, his activities.  Be available with my time, not be wore out from all my activities that I have nothing left to give him.

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