Friday, January 11, 2013

Vision Drift

I developed a series of post that will focus on life principles I want to remember.  Things that God has taught me, yet I often get distracted by the world that I forget.  Then I get reminded again, refocus, reset and do well until the cycle happens again.

God delivers the name for what happens - Vision Drift.  I love my pastor and love how God prepares my heart to hear the message.  Vision Drift happens when the world, my wants, sin takes my focus off God his plans.  It's when I start choosing the priorities then seek God to fulfill them.  He's not a drive thru.  I can't just pull up in prayer, give my order and expect delivery in just a few short minutes.

Yes, God wants to give me blessings.  He wants to be my blessing.  He is a gentleman and waits for me to seek.

So Life Principles are the truths I want to cling to.  Truths that help me keep God's perspective.  Truths that counter all the lies that are distracting me from my purpose.

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