Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is a Test

I put in a prayer request:  God's wisdom as I work with doctors concerning my knee and discipline to do what I need to do to rest the knee over the next month.

No sooner than it became public did I receive a test.  I get a call from Kat's principal.  They need a short term position filled and he thought of me first.

Flip back a few years ago.  My daughters in school full time.  I felt a huge pressure to find a full time job.  This pressure was from outside my immediate family - like my dad, the world in general.  I still couldn't handle the thought of Kat being in childcare.  If she was available to be with me, I wanted to be available to be with her. 

Logical choice was to work for the school in some way.  I'm not a teacher, so that was out.  I pleaded with the principal for a job so that I could have something to do with my time.  Good thing he didn't allow that crazy woman to work for him besides subbing a few time (a part time career that took a nose dive quick). 

This job offer, although temporary, would lead to a permanent position, at least year to year, if I took it.  It meant I would need to give up the volunteer work I do.  The Bible study class I'm in.  Quiet study time for counseling training (CT).  Oh, and that rest my knee needs. 

I talked with Dale before saying no, but I knew I had to say no.  I would have grasp my own dream, desire, not what God had for me.  I would do more damage to my knee in hopes of getting a job to please the world. 

For that obedience, my Wednesday schedule was cleared off so I could finish the work I have for CT that starts back up next week.

And before we have a cheer over my obedience, I wavered throughout the afternoon.  Not in terms of calling him back to take the positions.  In terms of envisioning a job at the school and being on Kat's schedule, ect.  The ease (or so I think) of such a job.  That's worldly ease at that.  I simply had a stern talk and reminded myself of God's plan for me and the trust I have in those plans.  If I am to work at the school, God will open the door for me to do so and that is the end of that.

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