Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Need to Know

With the Olympics going on, I wondered about some of the happenings.  The story behind the story.  With it being the last week my girl is home, I didn’t want to devote myself to these stories and miss my time with her.  It is something I don’t really need to know.

This had me thinking on my internet usage.  I love to search for information.  To look up anything that comes to conversation or mind that is not known.  Like what is the rules to handball?  This was my hubby’s request, not mine. 

How much time do I waste going over senseless bunny trails of the information highway?  It made me realize that I often forgo time with my girl for time gaining information that has very little usefulness.  Usefulness of what is in my life is something God is working in me right now (see August preview post).

I’m convicted on this point.  I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking adults sit hours on end on the computer. 

So the change to the situation is to spend the less time on the computer right.  My actions will be:

  • No more than fifteen minutes in the morning – to check email, news and anything else.
  • While I’m with Kat in the afternoons – no computer time.  If I think of something I want to look up, I will write it down and look up during my next computer time.
  • Ask myself if I’m looking up useful information?  Do I really need this information or is it something that distracts me from the eternal.  This point God is weighing on me, I’ll write more later.

So, Do I need to know or let go?

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