Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ahhh Avocado

Ode to Avocado.  Such a sweet, nutty fruit.  I love to eat it sprinkled with salt and red wine vinegar.  The green mushy flesh may turn others away from this treasure.  I am thankful I was brave to try it.  I'm now enjoying the full reward of this blessings.

In switching over to a less meat diet, I gave thought to protein combos to even out my blood sugar levels.  I suffer with low blood sugar, so diet management is my only choice.

A friend shared her vegetarian diet that her daughter ate.  Pureed rice and beans, half avocado, yogurt (yes her daughter is a toddler).  It clicked with me that since I didn't eat meat, the fat in avocados isn't makes up for the loss and since it's plant based, it is healthier.

Since adding half an avocado to my lunch, my blood sugar is level.  No more trembling late afternoon.  I'm having other symptoms of hunger, which I learning - but that's for another post.  I'm happy I added this since it has taken away that empty hollow feeling I had when I eliminated most meat (thus the protein from the meat).  It's a learning process.  One day soon I'll need to add up how many calories I'm eating. 

On the down side, when I do eat something that isn't all that healthy (Frito corn chips), I can feel it the next day.  My eyes swell up.  It's like my body is saying it only wants the good stuff and doesn't want to go back to processing all the other junk. 


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