Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Distraction is a tool the enemy uses to make Christians ineffective.  I know I’m often distracted.  I posted on mind control, my need to know and now the rest of my distractions.

With the start of the school year, I have more time on my own.  God has set aside the next school year for me to focus my life on Him and go through the training to be a counselor.  It starts the fourth of September for the first level.  I’m excited to spend time studying God’s word and how to help people with it. 

~ Over schedule myself again.  I did this last year and was ineffective.  I’ve stood firm in my withdrawal of some of the serving that I do. 

~ I wasn’t going to look for a job, but a few clicks lead me to a part time job I would be perfect doing, however, it is not what God called me to do until I fully understand what I will need to do in my training. 

~ Diving into other Bible studies to where I’m so many that I won’t remember what I studied and it will turn into 'get it done.'  I don’t want to just do it, but want to allow God to speak to me in His way and to allow Him to change me. 

~ Books I want to read.  At one point I was reading three books at once and not remember what was in it.  So I put them all aside, focused on one to completion. 

It’s basically the ‘do it all’ mentality.  Wanting something to happen that I take it upon myself to make it happen.  I will trust God, His timing and provision.  I have said this to myself over and over as I said no to each distraction.  No to getting a job, no to joining additional Bible study, no to leading Bible Club, no to computer time, no to books or TV. 

I will do things one at a time, not set my extras on a self-imposed timeline.  I have things that will be on schedule, it silly to over schedule the extras.  The extras are to fill in the margin, not overflow to the important stuff.

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