Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm back..August preview

School officially started this week.  I miss my girl like crazy.  The quietness I love is back around the house and now it bugs me.  It will happen again next summer.
For August, I have about 2000 projects to start and finish.  That may be an exaggeration, but it isn't to off.

 This is the fun I had this morning.  Don't be alarmed.  I'm just reaching the age where these things will be a regular thing (well I still have a few years).  My doctor wanted a base line for when I'm older.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Although there are certain times when I could not have done this, but that is TMI.  I have a few other doctor appointments and physical therapy thrown in there, too.

Some home projects include clearing out my garage.  It's basically been a holding pit, only cleared rearranged each winter to fit my car.  This year I want to clear out.  And seeing this picture makes it all look so much worse than my mind told me.  It is taking some boldness on God's part to make me share these photos.  It's all about sharing. 

I also plan to finish a project I started last spring that took the summer off.  I'm not finished yet, but hope to be by the end of the month.  My entry closet will be transformed into a more useful storage.  And since I plan to keep the doors off, it needs to be on the pretty side. 

Others items to add to the ever growing list:

  • recaulk my kitchen counter
  • find a contractor to put new siding on my house
  • reorganize our extra room - make a new shelf
  • repaint a free cedar chest I found
  • make a few art projects for my home

And the list goes on.  It does include to get back into writing for this blog.  I have many little notes to go through and see if I can remember.

I'm not going to allow this list to get me down.  I want to go through it one at a time and do it well.  I know when I'm finished I will have just what we need in these areas.  It will be joy to look at.


  1. It's so funny to hear that your projects are just beginning...mine for the most part are ending. I homeschool, so for me summer is the only time to get things done. The rest of the year...ugh!

    It might make you feel better to know I still have unfinished projects. Among stove which is so dirty I would be embarassed for anyone to see it!

    Thanks for's nice to learn more about you and your life!!!

  2. Thank you Kimberlynn. I hear you on homeschooling. I am being prepared to do that myself, especially my girl starting school with 27 in her class. These are things I need to get in shape so that I can be prepared to do that.


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