Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday update

Well, I'm still going strong in the garage.  I'm getting 2-4 hours in each day....and yes, it is taking that much time.  Although I skipped a few days week one waiting for the trash man, there wasn't any room until it was gone.

I'm making shelves out of scrap wood I saved.  Yea, it's no longer taking up space, but creating new space.  I've gone a little crazy with new containers, but hopefully things will stay where they are suppose to.

I have a clear, distinct memory of watching Winnie the Pooh as a child.  I was slightly older, knowing full well Pooh was for littler kids.  But I was under ten and had little siblings, so I could get away with it, LOL.  In the episode, Pooh decides his house is too messy.  He gets shoe boxes and a crayon.  He organizes and labels everything.  Oh, in that moment an organizational seed was planted.  It just took me many years to realize I can't organize clutter - that I need to get rid of.  Then organize what is left - the useful things.  Well, enough down memory lane for now.

I'm making slow steady progress on my weight.  After the initial one pound loss, I think I've lost another half pound in the past two weeks.  I had planned to reevaluate my exercise, but that is on hold right now.  I just finished two weeks in physical therapy only to have more pain than when I started.  I'm giving it a few weeks to see if I can go my own way (with wisdom), to get rid of the pain before resorting to getting a shot.  We have hiking plans for fall break, so I need to be prepared for that.

I'll share soon about my food changes and how they are working out.  I'll post pictures of completed projects once they are done.

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