Friday, August 24, 2012

Jesus Calling

I had to write about this wonderful book.  We do a lot of Bible study with my daughter.  So when we were at the Tree of Life book store and she asked for a devo, I wasn't sure to get her yet another thing to study.  Silly right?  

I was pleased to realized this is something she wanted, not something I told her she needed to do.  It makes my heart sing with praise to God each time I see her with her book on her own.  D has even taken to discussing it with her and looking up the extra passages.  

She is growing with this book.  It helped her trust God in her fears.  It has spurned real life application discussions that my family has grown from. 

*This is an unsolicited review.  I received no payment for this review.  No money or products was exchanged for my personal opinion and experience of this book. 

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  1. This is one of my favorite devotionals. I usually don't "re-read" devotionals, but there are days when I just feel drawn to this one and the devo that day usually speaks volumes to me! Enjoy this time with your daughter...a precious testimony to God moving in her life!


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