Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bean Bag Chair

My daughter wanted a bean bag chair for under her loft bed.  I found something I liked at a store and thought I could make that!  Ha, this doesn't look anything like what was in the store.    

First I cut the comfort fleece into squares then triangles.  I cut cotton matching fabric into a rectangle, one side and inch shorter than the other for the zipper seam.

This is the first zipper I remember ever doing.  Slight pucker, but over all it does the trick.  Will revisit the size issue later.

Next I sewed all the triangles together with alternating green and the brown polka dot pattern fabric.

I fitted the sides together.

As you can see the top was much bigger (remember no pattern).  I pleated the fabric and sewed the top and bottom together. 

When I got in a grove I didn't watch the thickness of the fabric.  Oopsy!  The needle flew across the room.

Next came the filling of the bag.  I purchased Styrofoam beans from Walmart, used shipped to site option.  Big box that weighed very little.  K, my daughter, liked picking up the big box.  And a side note, whenever Styrofoam is mentioned, my mind goes back to Bolt, K's favorite movie "Styrofoam, this stuff weakens me."

This was where I realized my six inch zipper was not big enough.  I filled half the bag by one handful at a time.  D, my husband, came home and made up a funnel and it went go faster.

Results: I think it looks like a fluffy dog bed.  Being K loves to pretend she's a dog, she loves it!  So that's all that matters. 

I still have 3/4 bag of beads.  I'll have to give it some thought on what else to make.  Maybe I could make a pattern and actually make what I saw in the store.  This time...a bigger zipper! 

Update:  I sat on this.  I'm surprised to how comfortable it is.  No wonder she likes it so.

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