Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Steps

I'm stubborn.  Oh yes, that's me.  I complain that I want to see all the steps God want me to take.  Then when He reveals it, I feel overwhelmed.  I struggle with just the basics.  I look at step fifteen and wonder how can I get there?  I ignore all the steps in between.

So yesterday I fessed up to God this very point.  I'm doing well with memory verse memorization.  So I said, reveal just one step I can make this week to get deeper into You.  To get my feet wet as I descend into Your Living Water.

Answer: lighten up, it's not that hard.  Keep up memorizing my word.  Start each day doing what you can.  

My next step over the next couple weeks is to get up a few minutes earlier than the day before.  With those minutes, open God's word and jump in.  

Also, I have the opportunity to show my cracks, my flaws to those I shepherd.  In my BSF class, God gave the application question:

Am I busy trying to cover and smooth over the cracks in my clay body?  Or am I willing to shine His light through those cracks to encourage others?  

So I am to do the next three steps.  I can handle that.

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