Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Changes 2-23

Realized I am not to be trusted with eating sweets.  The cookies on Valentines proved the point.  No, I didn't eat any.  But I wanted to.  And not just one.  I wanted all the leftovers G.O.N.E.  gone.  I would, could have eaten every last one of them without looking back.  But I looked forward instead.  Looked to my God and thanked Him for showing me how weak I am in this area yet.  I will be mastered by nothing.  He is more important.

God revealed another area that I am not trusting Him as well.  Although I don't have the words to write about it now, I am working on it.  Giving it thought, to find the the root of the issue.  The solution is fully submersing myself in Him.

And a praise of change.  I received a not so kind email last week.  Old me: send an even nastier reply putting the person in their place and make them sorry for ever messing with me.  New me:  What is the proper reply, if I'm to reply at all.  How can I glorify God, remind this person that it's God we're both trying to serve, even in our own ways and He is faithful to see His work done.  

I also recognize this email is opposition.  To put doubt in my mind to discourage me from my work.  Since I acknowledge God's desire for me to get deeper in His word, opposition like this has popped up.  Distractions will not get the better of me.

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