Friday, February 3, 2012

No Sugar

This isn't a sugar free recipe.
This is about something I said I could never ever do.  It's about digging deep to that place most don't want to go and are scared of what lies beyond.

Total obedience.

Yes, my story of no sugar goes there.  To the place God calls us.  He called me here for years.  And for years I simply stated, I can't.  You don't know what you're asking me God if you call me to do that.

But He did know.  Long ago He saw food was an issue for me, long before I reached weights in the 200s, long before I made food choices on my own (when I lived with my parents).  He gave a little thing called hypoglycemic, which is low blood sugar.  It's where my body produces to much insulin in response to sugar.  My dr. said I would outgrow it by the time I was 21. 

Well I'm well past 21 and it hasn't happened yet.  And the logic side of low blood sugar is that you should eat more sugar.  However that leads to even more spiked insulin and a more vicious cycle.  Sad, but true, the best thing for low blood sugar is no sugar.

Yet for over twenty years I ignored the best thing to treat it, because life just wouldn't be worth living without sugar.

Last summer, I had it all in place.  Well maybe.  I had followed His leading to get to a healthy weight.  I exercised when I could, lived and active life.  My friend did the summer study of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.

In her book she said it was a demon that she battle.  She battled it and came out victorious of the hold sugar had on her life.

Well that's great for her, I thought, but I could never do that.  Fortunately God isn't calling me to do that.

Ahem...wait a minute.  He did call me, I just said no.  I said I couldn't.  I said I didn't want to.  I said there is no way I can do that, it's asking me to do something to hard, especially in summer with there's ice cream to be had.

Then He whispered to me.  You gave up soda.  You loved soda.  You drank so much it gave you an ulcer and you gave it up.  You gave it up for your health.  Why can't you give up sugar for Me?

John 21:15 excerpt "do you love me more than these?”

He wants to be the only thing I craved.  The only thing I seek when I have a longing in my heart.  He wants me to make Him my all.  To die to my desires and say yes to Him.

That was enough to call it quits.  Those three pounds that I struggled to lose only to gain left.  I felt good.  It was great to say no each time a delicious sugary snack was presented to me (which was a lot with our Life Group and my family).  I did it for almost two months and then felt at peace over having a little sugar here and there.

Fast forward to Oct. and I slowly went sugar crazy.  I had a lot and still a lot and this went on until Christmastime.  Those few pounds came back.  My middle turned fluffy (which is where sugar likes to live on my body).  

God gently spoke again and called me to give up sugar again.  It was a week before Christmas.  Oh, I didn't want to hear it.  I had just bought my favorite creamer and wanted it.  I wanted that creamer and those chocolate chip cookies more than God.  Ouch, it hurts to write it out.  I lived in full disobedience for the next week.  Then I prayed for that Spirit-power to come back after Christmas.  I was ready then to do it.  

I'll be honest, I didn't feel the same consuming power like I had the week before when God spoke.  Yet, on Dec. 27 I decided to stop.  I pray to God in weakness.  Each day I am stronger.  I even went through TOM successfully.  Oh how I wanted brownies.

Last summer I knew it would end.  I tried not to focus on that, yet in my heart I knew it would end.  This time, I don't for see it ending.  I feel stronger, more in tune with God each day I say no thank you.  

I shared my experience of last summer before the sugar attack of Oct. occurred.  Someone said, God made all these wonderful foods, why wouldn't He want us to enjoy it.  Why would He call me to give up sugar?

Well, He called ME to give up sweets.  You need to spend time with Him to see if He wants you to do it.  He knew in my heart I often put those sugary treats before Him.  I would think of when I could get my treat instead of thinking when can I spend time with God.  He knows me and knows what is best for me.

To break down what I gave up is cookies, cakes, get the picture.  I don't find a sugar free option because that misses the point.  I do use honey to sweeten my oatmeal that I eat for breakfast.  I know some love honey, not me.  I don't like the taste of straight honey so I only use enough to counter the blandness of oats.  It's about giving up those food that monopolize my thoughts from time to time.  I haven't given up peanut butter or ketchup, both have sugar, since I don't ever recall waking up wanting a big bowl or ketchup.  

I don't use artificial sweeteners either, which don't agree with my body.  I use Stevia, a natural sweetener, randomly when I have coffee (less than once a week). 

Part of the reason He's calling me to do this again is I accepted His call to lead a Made to Crave study at my church.  If I'm going to be an encouragement to others I need to do what God is calling me to do.

What is He calling you to do?  What will you give up to say Yes?

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