Friday, March 1, 2013

A Big Leap Forward

Today I took a big scary step forward in the world of technology.  I have joined the new century by doing texting on my phone.  Yes, I know, I was really behind the times on this point.  I had a lot of issues with accepting it - along with my husband.  We didn't like our niece being over and having her nose in her phone.  I know I won't carry on conversations on it.  If that's the case, I want to speak to you (of course unless you, me aren't somewhere where that can happen).  Dale's point was that the technology can suck you in that way - and you don't even realize it has.

I still like to talk with people.  I like the aspect of sending quick information, but in general I like to talk.  I really don't talk that much on the phone either.  Talking builds relationship.  Talking allows my tone to be conveyed.  Talking allows me to hear the laughter and sorrow in my friends voice.

The big push is to communicate better with those on staff with my church.  With the way the offices are set up, they are used to using texting to communicate with each other.  I help a few hours each week and many a time it has been expressed "Hey I just sent you a text."  Then I would have to explain that I don't get text - blah, blah, blah.  The staff member that I assist most had a hard couple weeks and it would have helped her to be able to send me a text vs. an email or phone call.  Well, there just wasn't time for a phone call in her schedule. 

So I'm entering this world so that I can serve better.  Now the question is... will I get spam, weird or inappropriate messages?  I suppose I will find out if people respect my wish not to get junk.  I don't need the latest joke or pinup girl photo (speaking of my brothers here, LOL).  We shall see.  Perhaps in a month I'll be posting how it was a total fail and we're withdrawing from this phase of the social world until at least Kat gets her own phone. 

Which that goes to another debate and post - when is it right to get your child a phone?  I just know not today.

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