Thursday, March 21, 2013


More on Isaac.  Isaac means he laughs.  In my mind, I remind myself to be more Isaac.  To bring laughter into our life.  Not to be to wound up, ready to pounce at anything that goes astray.  The is especially important with Kat.  I've had the days were I react poorly.  I want to move more to a relaxed response, perhaps even see the humor a situation can have.

I'm not saying to ignore when I need a stern response, but not everything needs a stern response.  It about enjoying the journey and the mishaps along the way.

Recently she spilled lemonade on the floor.  She picked up her bottle.  She went to the kitchen for a dish rag and cleaned up the mess on her own.  I made her laugh when I asked her if she needed a lecture about being careful with our drinks.

I could have made a big deal out of the whole situation.  She didn't do that great of a job cleaning up either.  I later had to go back and wipe up the rest of the sticky.  There was no need to bring that into the situation.  What is she going to remember or not remember?  If I make a big deal, she may remember Mama overreacting.  Just going with it, it may be gone from her mind and she trust me not to overreact.

This is just a simple example.  Isaac lived in peace.  He brought laughter to others.  Those are good things I need in me.

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