Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Choosing Peace

In studying Genesis 26, I was made aware of how Isaac dealt with strife.  It's a bit lengthy to post here, but read how he interacted with the people who wanted him gone.

Isaac refused to fight back.  It resulted in an opportunity for him to make peace with the people.  When they claimed another well, Isaac just moved on.  He knew the conflict was an indication that God didn't want him there.

Would I have done that?  Now I might, but before studying this it would have been a big no.  I would have said, "MY servants worked hard on this well, I'm not about to give in and let you take it."  It would have been about me and the work I did.  I would have argued with God about it as well.

Now I can see that it is my choice.  I can choose peace and move on.  Or I can stand my ground and fight.  It all depends on what God is calling you to.

Life Principle: I want to choose peace - even if it means giving up my way and doing more "work".  To see no possession is worth discord with another.  In that, if it (whatever is disputed) is really needed, God will provide for me.  I can trust God's provision.

Isaac did and God gave him room.

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