Monday, March 11, 2013

Let Me Fix Him

Time Warp Wife post when I try to remake my husband.  If, as a wife, I turn my desire to have the perfect man into expectation that he conforms to what I want, I become discontented and separated from him and God.  I try to do God's job.

It is my duty to examine my desires and if they stand up under God's word, then pray that God will align Dale's desires to mine.  The He show me how I must behave in order to honor and submit to Dale, yet help him see that my desire is something he should have as well.  God has done this on many points in our marriage over the years.  

A Holy Spirit job to change him, that's for sure! We had a situation a few weekends ago. I gently relayed my position.  I heard and disagreed with his concerns.  We did not have an argument.  He had concerns and I shared them, yet did not see it as a hindrance to doing what I perceived was the right thing to do.  I prayed for God to move his heart to act. I knew this was out of hubby's comfort zone. I could have demanded he go, but it would not have affected his heart.

He obediently followed God's leading and went with me, not sure how "happy" he was with it. God did not disappoint. Dale was able to give encouragement to a friend's father that we've befriended at church. The father is young in his walk with God, so it was important for him to see his church family come along side his family (not just us).

So it comes down to this: Am I trusting my husband to God?  Or am I trying to be God?  Am I thankful for the work being done or complaining over what still needs done?

One more thing.  When I have become discontented with my husband, with what he is or isn't doing, I find each time I go to God about it that it's me that is wrong.  It is me who has the wrong expectation, me who is being touchy, me who needs to change.  It's humbling and I'm thankful for it. 

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