Monday, March 18, 2013

Fill Me

We all want filled.  We were made to be filled.  But what am I being filled with?  What am I spending my time on?  Am I making room for God or for sin?

I heard: God can not fill hands already full.  This has two aspects I want to look at.

First, if I fill myself up with things of this world, I don't have room for God.  My hands are already full with worldly distractions and sin.

Second, if I allow God to fill my hands, but do not share it with others, I can not receive more.  When I receive, I am to give away and trust God to give me more.  When I receive encouragement from my Lord, I am to give encouragement away.  Receive love, give love.  He never fails to fill me back up again and abundantly.  He'll even place His hands under my hands so I can hold more!  That's hands the hold the whole world!

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