Monday, March 4, 2013


I had a couple dreams that stuck out to me over the past month.  The first was I discovered a room in my house that was between my bedroom and my daughter's.  The room was large and it smelled like musty dog and smoke - the smell of our house had when we moved in that took a lot of cleaning and paint to cover.  It was a large bedroom with a window.  A large walk in closet on the right full of clothing, shoes and purses.  The bed was covered with a red and brown blanket.  There was another doorway to the right the lead to the bathroom.  I didn't make it all the way back to the bathroom, I stopped by the shelf that held books and stacks of money.  When I picked up the money I could really smell the horrible smell.  I went back to the closet and found beautiful things and wondered how I could get the smell out.  Why hadn't we known about this room?  We've lived in our house a long time...then I woke up.

About a week later I had another dream.  My husband and I were at this great building - I think some sort of stadium.  We knew a secret way to get to the other side.  There were other people who needed to go there.  We tried to show them the way, but I couldn't figure out how to open the secret door that lead the way.  I tried every little twist and spot, but it wouldn't open.  The people who I was trying to help weren't interested in paying attention to what I was saying.  They were paying attention to other things.

When I meditated on the details of this dream, I first thought maybe they were secrets that I had - the secret of God.  I had planned to write all about it, but hadn't had time.  Good thing to, since this week the spirit breezed what it was - particularly the horrible smell.

It's about me.  I have in my heart this dirty room.  It smells old, musty and yucky.  In it are things that this world finds attractive, but to God they stink.  It is all rubbish.  In the second dream, there's a door all this stuff in my heart, but I wasn't allowing God to go in.  I wasn't allowing me to go.  At each step in my sanctification, I'm learning more about submission.  It's amazing how I can go many years then be shown how my thinking has been in error. 

My next post will be on what specific point God is working in me.  If I am to move forward with counseling training, I will have to allow God to clean this room up.  It's a room that has been closed a long time.  A room full of hurt and sorrow.  God is good and He is gentle. 

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