Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Perfect life

If your goal in life is to have that perfect life, it will always be elusive.  The happily ever after.  By the world standard of a great marriage, two perfect children who become successful adults and produce a lot of grandchildren for you to love. 

If perfection is your goal, every little mishap will impede on that goal.  Every infliction of suffering will put another crack in the perfect life of your dreams.  It's elusive, yet you press on.  The bitterness of unforgiveness settles deep into your bones.  

Give up perfection.  Jesus accepted things as they were, meeting people right here.  He didn't examine points in the past where mistakes were made.  He addressed the now.  He directed future steps "sin no more".

Look at your expectation.  Are they real?  I find for me that my expectations for me are harsh compared to what I seek from others.  Let go of expectations.  I'm coming to see how it causes me to try to do God's work and I can't.  Failure is imminent.  

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