Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Let me climb on my soap box for a moment.  Stop telling kids everything that will happen before it happens.  This week I worked hard to have special time with kids and my helper told her daughter, who then told her class and the surprise was ruined.  

I mean is it so bad that children have to wait to find out what will happen?  I remember the few surprises in my childhood a loved it, all because the adult had enough control not to tell me.  I came from a low income family, so surprises were few and far between, but incredibly special.

This week I have an opportunity to help at field day at K's school.  She began her twenty questions, but I didn't tell her.  If they tell her at school, that is fine, but I won't.  She AND her class needs to find out when it happens in my opinion.  K is privy to a lot of what's going to happen since I or D leads a lot of her functions (someone has to).  So I strive not to let her know everything, so she can enjoy it, not waiting and expecting what will happen.

Of course, now I'm humbled as the Holy Spirit breezes in to me "this is how your Father deals with you, wait and enjoy His surprises."  Yes, yes, I get and thank you.  I don't often get to know more than the next step, I will be content in that!

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