Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Comments

Today a cashier made a random comment about the bags they switch over to using.  Saying the new ones weren't any better than the old ones.  As I took my purchases, I noticed that she over filled the bags, no wonder they did not hold what she thought they should.  Over filled is over filled.

This line of thought wouldn't leave me.  Holy Spirit lead application of course jumped in.  What do I over stuff, then complain how it just doesn't hold up?  My schedule?  My attitude? 

As I shared, I will start a training program later this year.  In following God's call to do that, I have slowly cut back or did not recommit my time for some ministries.  God has shown me what He wants me to do.  

With this, I also feel a loss over not doing the same thing and adding the training to what I do.  My head knows that I won't be effective in any of it going that way.  That way is my way, not God's.  

Looking back on the past year, God allowed me to fill my schedule to bursting.  And yes, I complained.  

So, I will stand firm in saying No to some things so I can say Yes to the right things. 

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