Monday, May 21, 2012

MTC Session 5 and 6

This post wraps up my review of the Made to Crave Study.  

Session 5:
Failure to Victorious.  I was a failure, no longer.  I am Victorious!  I live within the God boundaries.  He created me, has plans for me and knows what I need.  Within His boundaries I can life life to the fullest.
Doing God's work is food for my soul.  I can not go through the day without it! 

Session 6:
Going forward, I must boldly allow God to change me.  To not resist His plans, will, way.  To allow Him to choose what's best for me in all areas of my life.  

Leading a group:
This is the first group I lead.  I'm sadden to report that after session 5, there was a sharp drop off of attendance.  It got to the point to really change.  Those who had higher expectation of change out of this study vanished and even avoided me at church, phone calls and email (I didn't stalk, but did try to make contact and encourage).  I have done this in the past at the beginning of allowing God to remove the sin of gluttony from my life.  

My advice to anyone who starts a study like this: Keep going.  You are not failing, even if there is no substantial changes during the study.  As a whole, there is so much God wants to speak to you.  He wants you to get everything out of this study.  He called you to it.  Listen, do and have patience with God.  He will change you.  Trust Him.  

All that said, I would lead another group.

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